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About Us

We are skilled at making beautiful, feel-good decorative items, lamps, paper products, paper lamps for people to decorate homes and work spaces, using carefully chosen combinations of paint colours, patterns and fixtures.

Home décor with Lamps are a boundless way of creating illumination for a smaller spaces and creating a vibrant lighting scheme that enhances the beauty of the house and Living hood. We at Dash Technology offer a huge collection of selection of table, desk and floor lamps to choose from, in a variety of different styles, patters, price range and colors.

Our lamps are traditional and are designed for covering all the bases. You may also customize the base and the shade as per your need. The lamps are all made up with environmental friendly green paper with excellent vivid light shades that gives your house an opulent make over. With square and cylindrical lights you can enhance the illumination of the room by focusing the lights to some symbol or craft. However if you are looking to spread the illumination uniformly, choose the circular light shades with strings.

A glass lampshade can really elevate the look and feel of any room in the house. You can combine these with wooden lamp bases for a natural and organic design or maybe choose more contemporary metal and plastic materials for something a little more modern. However you like your home to look, check out the range of bases and shades at Dash Technology

Lights are the sense of dynamism and energy; we bestow our efforts to offer design solutions and products that not only to fulfill the basic needs, but also to enrich our daily lives. They are simple, pure and complete. We want to create connectivity between objects and peopleWe want to create a friendly and meaningful relationship between objects and people. We believe that people and their daily lives are the core parts of all design approaches.